Definition of drysuit in English:



  • A waterproof rubber suit worn for water sports and diving, under which warm clothes can be worn.

    • ‘Clad in thermal underwear, a drysuit, flippers and gloves, and wearing weights on her legs and belt, she set off at midnight.’
    • ‘Sarah and Jim entered the water, snug and warm in their drysuits.’
    • ‘On the following year's trip I was warm in a drysuit and helped take the next batch of novice divers in.’
    • ‘Even wrapped up with an extra set of thermals under a drysuit and thick winter gloves, the water is bitterly cold.’
    • ‘At the water, they started squeezing into their drysuits.’
    • ‘With snow on the ground, ice cloaking favourite inland sites, and storms pounding the coasts, winter diving is only for the hardy in their drysuits - or the foolhardy in their wetsuits.’
    • ‘With our drysuits we used wet hoods and gloves; dry gloves were tried but were awkward to use and generally abandoned.’
    • ‘I reached down to grab her by the arm, but my gloved hands slipped on her drysuit, so I reached right under her and got a firm grip on her body.’
    • ‘Once you are out of the water, have a change of dry clothes in which to travel home; your drysuit might not be as effective as you would like.’
    • ‘If you sink, you don't need any more weight and can compensate for the negative buoyancy under water by adding air to your drysuit.’
    • ‘The drysuit can be worn over a layer of clothing and it keeps its wearer completely dry and warm.’
    • ‘Everyone recommended some practice at an inland site or a few easy shore dives to get familiar with drysuits and the general bulky feeling before moving on to more advanced diving.’
    • ‘I ponder all these matters as we squeeze into tight-fitting drysuits.’
    • ‘On a recent expedition where long dives in drysuits were required, adult nappies proved a popular option.’
    • ‘Once, drysuits were regarded as strange, experimental and possibly dangerous.’
    • ‘People become distinctive only by the colour of their fins or drysuits.’
    • ‘Membrane drysuits are becoming very popular with the dive guides who work there!’
    • ‘We are in a heatwave, and with the blazing sun on our drysuits, it is a real pleasure to hit the water.’
    • ‘In such circumstances, I've heard it's best not to turn your back - and to keep your drysuit fully zipped.’
    • ‘I got my equipment together, and an hour later was climbing into my drysuit on the large pontoon near the submarine mooring.’