Main definitions of Ds in English

: Ds1DS2DS3


  • The chemical element darmstadtium.

Main definitions of DS in English

: Ds1DS2DS3



  • 1Music
    Dal segno.

  • 2Military
    Directing staff.

  • 3Document signed.

Main definitions of DS in English

: Ds1DS2DS3



  • A person's son (particularly used in online forums)

    ‘my DS rolls his eyes in disgust when I use these terms of affection’
    • ‘DS will be two next month, and is still an atrocious sleeper.’
    • ‘So this afternoon we have been back up to Vision Express and luckily we managed to get a pair of new glasses for DS.’
    • ‘That said, DS and his mates all had a great time and even though we still had to wait 20 minutes for a taxi DS went home happy!’
    • ‘Ds wants to go, so I said I'd go too.’
    • ‘DS has to be up at 8 am tomorrow for his paper round.’
    • ‘I did bump into her at Allenton Market once when I had DS in the pushchair so that would probably be about 12 years ago.’
    • ‘My DS is bugging me about Christmas, bringing his wrapped presents around and wanting to open them.’
    • ‘That's cute - sounds like something my DS would say.’
    • ‘Youngest DS woke up last night screaming and stayed awake again for about three hours.’
    • ‘My DS is 14 months and thinks no is the funniest word ever.’
    • ‘My DS (three weeks old) has picked up a cold from somewhere - he is a little sniffly and sneezing a lot.’
    • ‘I could never read or surf while nursing unless DS was asleep.’
    • ‘Feeling smug because DS chose dried prunes over chocolate as a snack - I must be doing something right!’
    • ‘Friday was oldest ds's birthday, so we picked him up at his dad's and made a good ol' fashioned family night of it.’
    • ‘Could your DS choose a special nickname for the baby just for him as big brother to use?’
    • ‘My eldest DS left Scotland today for a month-long World Challenge school trip to Africa.’
    • ‘DS went to the park with his mates for sledging and snowball fights.’
    • ‘This morning DS woke me at 11 am with breakfast in bed.’
    • ‘DS woke up this morning at 2:30 crying in his bedroom ... because he wanted his socks on.’
    • ‘Last night it was 10pm before my DS went to sleep.’
    • ‘My DS attends day nursery full time.’


1990s abbreviation of darling son or dear son.