Definition of dual-purpose in English:



  • Serving two purposes or functions.

    ‘a dual-purpose hand and nail cream’
    • ‘Producers may also need to account for all animals, including dead ones, and feed mills will be scrutinized for cross-contamination of feeds and dual-purpose feedmills may be eliminated.’
    • ‘Add to the list a dual-purpose dress that you can wear to the office with a sexy knit (also an essential) slung over it, but which will also make you the belle of the cocktail party when you take your jumper off.’
    • ‘He is a fabulous walker with a great appetite for racing and we are very excited about his prospects as a dual-purpose stallion.’
    • ‘Pyro staining developers are ideal for photographers who want to make dual-purpose negatives, that is, negatives that print well with both silver papers and with alternative processes such as platinum or palladium.’
    • ‘Ireland's neutrality precludes the manufacture of complete weapons systems for export but a growing number of companies are involved in producing sophisticated, dual-purpose electronic equipment that drives military hardware.’
    • ‘One of the former featured dual-purpose, pressurized, stainless-steel tanks that not only held the propellant, but also provided structural rigidity to support the weight of the missile and warhead.’
    • ‘Later, the ten fast battleships were in advance of their foreign contemporaries in mounting dual-purpose secondary batteries effective against both antisurface and antiaircraft targets.’
    • ‘In 1972 he and the architect, Hans Hollein, designed a new, dual-purpose museum that would combine the needs of a permanent collection and the requirements of temporary exhibitions.’
    • ‘But even with high explosive dual-purpose projectiles, it lacks sufficient penetration of concrete and masonry.’
    • ‘In 1905 the Royal Bangkok Sports Club mooted the possibility of introducing squash to the capital by constructing a dual-purpose facility.’
    • ‘Scientists now report that in mice, a dual-purpose experimental vaccine appears to spur the immune system to disable anthrax's lethal toxin at the same time it kills the bacterium.’
    • ‘Four years later the site became a dual-purpose manufacturing centre, making both bread and cakes, before the bakery focused on cake production in 1978.’
    • ‘In 1850, Gill's school was replaced by a dual-purpose hall built specially as a school room and chapel on land donated by Thomas Matthews.’
    • ‘Well, here's one dual-purpose tool that you shouldn't be without.’
    • ‘It is a dual-purpose breed (with equal emphasis on meat and wool) and is commonly used in the sheep industry.’
    • ‘For Martin, the dual-purpose nature of the plan was a major draw.’
    • ‘His solution was to edge the garden area with a dual-purpose wall to obscure the buffer zone from the house and provide a spot to sit and enjoy the views.’
    • ‘The Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, which will be the athletics venue for the 2010 games, is also a dual-purpose stadium hosting football.’
    • ‘Another possible solution may lie with dual-purpose machines.’
    • ‘The trigger return spring is also quite a bit heavier than the dual-purpose unit found on the Colts and Remingtons.’