Definition of dual citizenship in English:

dual citizenship

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(mainly British dual nationality)
  • Citizenship of two countries concurrently.

    ‘many of the Lebanese living in West Africa have dual nationality’
    • ‘I meet a girl who has American-French dual citizenship and has traveled to so many places that not only are both her passports full, but she had to get extra pages sewn into them.’
    • ‘So she will be aware of her heritage and dual citizenship.’
    • ‘The countries that were identified, Mr. Advani claimed, were those in the world which allowed their citizens to take up dual citizenship.’
    • ‘On the other hand, dual citizenship is clearly well-established in the contemporary world, and it's only going to become more so whether I like it or not.’
    • ‘Recently, Lou talked with author Stanley Renshon about our national identity and the growing concerns about assimilation and dual citizenship.’
    • ‘Do you have dual citizenship or can you qualify for it?’
    • ‘Now, opponents of dual citizenship want Congress to include sanctions in any immigration reform legislation it passes.’
    • ‘And Carrey says he has no intention of giving up his Canadian heritage and will hold dual citizenship.’
    • ‘However, a New Zealand citizen who obtains dual citizenship after the election loses his or her seat.’
    • ‘To be eligible, candidates must be Bulgarian citizens of 21 years of age or above, must not have dual citizenship, and must not be serving prison terms.’
    • ‘A Limerick native, Wogan has dual citizenship, allowing him to have a regular knighthood and use the title ‘Sir’.’
    • ‘His father was an American World War I veteran, and his mother was French, so André had dual citizenship in both countries.’
    • ‘She holds dual citizenship in Switzerland and Canada.’
    • ‘Piccardi's father was born in Austria, so she has dual citizenship.’
    • ‘The old rules are archaic and fail to recognise our generous views on dual citizenship; it's well past time they were updated.’
    • ‘People with dual citizenship can move freely freely between South Africa and England and are excluded from the statistics.’
    • ‘I was born in Beijing and then attended school here in the US, giving me dual citizenship.’
    • ‘Finally, all of this is complicated by the growing number of countries that recognize dual citizenship.’
    • ‘According to the current Bulgarian constitution, people with dual citizenship cannot hold Cabinet office.’
    • ‘By law, individuals with dual citizenship cannot hold state office.’