Definition of dual control in English:

dual control

Pronunciation /ˈd(y)o͞oəl kənˈtrōl/ /ˈd(j)uəl kənˈtroʊl/


  • (of an aircraft or vehicle) having two sets of controls, one of which is used by the instructor.

    ‘a dual-control pilot trainer’
    • ‘This particular Sea Fury was used as a dual-control trainer for pilots.’
    • ‘The airplane actually has a complete and functional second cockpit and will be equipped with removable superstructures allowing the aircraft to operate as either a single-seat fighter or dual-control trainer.’
    • ‘In 1946, Vought built up a dual-control Corsair from a standard F4U- 1 aircraft with the designation V - 354.’
    • ‘To celebrate the occasion, Sharkey was invited to make his first Harrier flight since retiring from the Royal Navy in the back seat in a dual-control T - 8 Sea Harrier training aircraft flown by Kris.’
    • ‘Here was this immense dual-control Sea Fury out front battling neck-to-neck with sleek highly-modified Mustangs.’


usually dual controls
  • Two sets of controls in an aircraft or vehicle.

    ‘The Ka - 60 helicopter can be fitted with dual controls.’
    • ‘The pilot and co-pilot had dual controls and sat side by side behind the observer.’
    • ‘I also decided to install a second seat and dual controls and that took a bit of work designing the system.’
    • ‘In the process of getting out, his passenger is said to have lifted the dual controls installed for training purposes, prompting the machine to lift off the ground, throwing the passenger clear before toppling over.’
    • ‘There are dual controls in the training plane, making it virtually foolproof.’