Definition of dually in English:



See dual

  • ‘‘The smart chip is dually engineered to prematurely register ink depletion and to render a cartridge unusable through the use of a built-in expiration date that is not revealed to the consumer,’ the suit said.’
  • ‘And the men in Almodóvar's films are dually endowed with ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ characteristics.’
  • ‘Specialized 12-step groups for persons dually diagnosed with substance abuse and mental health disorders also appear to be useful in encouraging abstinence and adherence to psychiatric medication.’
  • ‘Given that few agencies have adequately trained staff to provide enough services to attend to a dually diagnosed client's multiple needs, in most instances, multiple agencies work cooperatively to assist the consumer.’
  • ‘The interview was a semistructured instrument administered as part of a broader prospective longitudinal study of the effectiveness of self-help for dually diagnosed persons.’