Definition of dubstep in English:



mass noun
  • A form of dance music, typically instrumental, characterized by a sparse, syncopated rhythm and a strong bassline.

    • ‘In grime, people listen for what the MCs are saying, in dubstep people listen for the production.’
    • ‘In the year dubstep hit the mainstream the innovators rewrote the script.’
    • ‘They're both dark types of garage, but the music runs dubstep, not the MCs.’
    • ‘I think the grime lot always thought that dubstep was the breakbeat stuff, which it isn't.’
    • ‘The result is an album that touches on many genres, from hip-hop and gospel to dubstep and blues.’
    • ‘Last's sense of rhythm is as developed as any rap, dancehall, broken beat, or dubstep scientist you'd care to throw up.’
    • ‘You wouldn't associate dubstep with Victorian ghost stories, but actually the linkage somehow fits.’
    • ‘And sonically, how can a record that simultaneously evokes joe meek and dubstep fail to transcend its temporal context?’
    • ‘It was also a fantastic dubstep release, appearing roughly a decade before the genre would officially get its recognition.’
    • ‘Lumped in with the dubstep crowd, this is something quite different: deep, heavy as hell and utterly righteous.’
    • ‘House music has no foundation, dubstep has no dub, and minimal techno sounds like a child hitting a saucepan with a tent peg.’
    • ‘Led by dubstep demi-god Kode9, producers and fans are looking to the funky scene for inspiration.’
    • ‘The end effect of The Hologram is a Harmonic 313-style dubstep single played at 33.’
    • ‘Whereas dubstep tended to loiter without much palpable intent, Grime has an implacable Terminator-focus, a stalker's unwavering sense of purpose.’
    • ‘Mooching around cavernous dubstep spaces with reverberating bass and sultry acoustic guitar, it's as sexy and dark as the Westway at night.’
    • ‘Signed to Mike Paradinas's Planet Mu label, he fuses elements of hip-hop, dubstep and drum and bass into his sound.’
    • ‘It was the first easily accessible documentation of a range of grime artists (the Rephlex Grime compilations are MC-free dub step.)’
    • ‘Doing incredibly interesting things with dubstep and some top deliveries from Space Ape this is a great work.’
    • ‘With the usual eerie vocals and bassy dubstep backing from these nihilistic Michigan electroids, what's new with this track is the energy.’