Definition of duchesse potatoes in English:

duchesse potatoes

plural noun

  • Mashed potatoes mixed with egg yolk, formed into small shapes and baked.

    ‘The plate is pretty and precise, arrayed with tiny green beans, carrot and piped-on duchesse potatoes.’
    • ‘So I had my free lunch (grilled chicken, duchesse potatoes, spinach, artichokes and baby corn, followed by a chocolatey confection with a delicious orange sauce) and then headed back into the office.’
    • ‘Teenagers, adults, and seniors can enjoy these potato dishes as well as hash browns, potato pancakes, potatoes au gratin, duchesse potatoes, and more sophisticated dishes, such as potato souffles.’


duchesse potatoes

/do͞oˈSHes pəˈtādōz/ /duˈʃɛs pəˈteɪdoʊz/