Definition of duchy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdəCHē/ /ˈdətʃi/

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  • The territory of a duke or duchess; a dukedom.

    ‘Although he distinguished himself in the fighting, the French were chased out of their Italian territories including the duchy of Milan which Louis XII had ruled since 1499.’
    • ‘Lorraine, an independent duchy embedded in French territory and occupied and exploited by the French ever since 1670 in the hope of ultimate annexation, had to be given up.’
    • ‘He was seen as bringing glory to the duchy and the Duke was active in getting important commissions for him, as well as using his paintings as political gifts.’
    • ‘Although a significant portion of the duchy's lands was in the county of Cornwall, the two are not geographically the same.’
    • ‘Prior to this, the peninsula consisted of often mutually antagonistic kingdoms, duchies, city-states, and principalities.’
    • ‘The Carolingian empire was divided into many smaller kingdoms and duchies.’
    • ‘We can't risk war between the duchy and the kingdom.’
    • ‘While Eleanor was to have Aquitaine in her own right, the son of that marriage would inherit both the kingdom and the duchy, doubling the royal holdings.’
    • ‘Bretons have their own language and customs, and until 1532 the province was an independent duchy.’
    • ‘In the wake of the Napoleonic wars Italy was divided into a patchwork of kingdoms and duchies.’
    • ‘She's a duchess of a duchy north of here, called Mordalia.’
    • ‘Charles of Orleans, the son of Valentina Visconti and the assassinated duke, laid claim to various territories in northwestern Italy, including the duchy of Milan.’
    • ‘This rival claim, coupled with Normandy's long land frontier, meant that the duchy remained the most vulnerable part of his empire.’
    • ‘Louis XII became king of France in 1498 and, being a descendant of the first duke of Milan, he claimed the duchy.’
    • ‘Perhaps only in Urbino does one pick up the same sense, in Italy, of absolute power in a confined space: this is a duchy that made a virtue of containment, a secret garden in the demesne of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.’
    • ‘The third lion was added by King Henry II to represent the duchy his wife, Eleanor, came from and is called Aquitaine.’
    • ‘The duchy's pleasures have always been earned rather than dished out.’
    • ‘Coburg and Gotha were the two towns in the former duchy of Saxen-Coburg and Gotha.’
    • ‘A beautiful, headstrong, and feisty young woman, she was the heiress to the duchy of Hilos, one of the richest provinces.’
    • ‘Turin had been the capital of the duchy of Savoy, but became the capital of the kingdom of Sardinia in 1720, sixteen years before Lagrange's birth.’
    realm, domain, dominion, country, land, nation, state, sovereign state, province, territory


Middle English from Old French duche, from medieval Latin ducatus, from Latin dux, duc- (see duke).