Definition of duck-billed dinosaur in English:

duck-billed dinosaur


another term for hadrosaur
‘Whether it's horned dinosaurs, crested duck-billed dinosaurs, plated stegosaurs, or dome-headed dinosaurs, paleontologists identify different species largely by these bizarre structures.’
  • ‘The ornithopods included the hadrosaurs or duck-billed dinosaurs, in which the front of the mouth was enlarged to form a broad flat beak and a variety of bony crests were developed on top of the head.’
  • ‘Ornithopoda is the third Ornithischian group, and includes the often large hadrosaurs, or ‘duck-billed dinosaurs’.’
  • ‘Many different kinds of duck-billed dinosaurs are known.’
  • ‘The specimen, dated to the late Cretaceous Period, was found among the remains of hundreds of fossilized Maiasaura, a type of herd-living, duck-billed dinosaur.’


duck-billed dinosaur

/dək bild ˈdīnəˌsôr/ /dək bɪld ˈdaɪnəˌsɔr/