Definition of duck-dive in English:



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  • Dive head first under the water while swimming.

    ‘they duck-dived through the waves’
    • ‘Today, to the east of the island, snorkellers duck-dive to touch the upturned body of an intact Zero.’
    • ‘How can I duck-dive without aggravating my back?’
    • ‘In a few minutes Rotondi teaches me the basics - how to duck-dive, how to conserve energy and therefore oxygen and therefore seconds.’
    • ‘I duck-dive and rise through a wave, pulling a six-pack ring from my neck and toilet paper from my teeth.’
    • ‘Since then, thousands of women - including actress Minnie Driver - have learned to duck-dive and turtle-turn at one of the school's three locations.’
    • ‘It also allows efficient duck-diving in heavy or dumping surf.’


  • A dive made head first while swimming.

    ‘I longed to return to that innocent state of bumbling incompetence when a duck-dive was the pinnacle of achievement.’
    ‘Thanks to a spectacular duck-dive from Steve, the mask was retrieved.’