Definition of duck-shove in English:



[with object]informalAustralian, New Zealand
  • Avoid or evade (a responsibility or issue)

    as noun duck-shoving ‘this sniping and duck-shoving between county councils and the Electricity Commission should cease’
    • ‘They and were happy to duck-shove responsibility for the fiasco that is the Queensland electricity supply system to executives and managers.’
    • ‘It is buck-passing and duck-shoving, and at the end of the day there is a whole list of victims.’
    • ‘You cannot duck shove this off to the UN and everyone else you can think of.’
    • ‘Stop trying to duck shove your problems on the community’
    shirk, dodge, evade, avoid, steer clear of, run away from, elude, escape, find a way out of, back out of, pull out of, shun, eschew, miss