Definition of duco in English:



mass nounTrademark; Australian, New Zealand
  • A kind of paint, used especially on the body of a motor vehicle.

    ‘the stuff is amazing at removing gumtree sap from a car's duco’
    • ‘Careful with trying them on a hidden section in case it damages your duco.’
    • ‘It's a small scratch on the duco of an otherwise polished performance.’
    • ‘The ever-so-slightly taller body is certainly more complimentary to the V40's shape, and, in our tester, we liked the contrast of the protective black plastic silhouette against the white duco.’
    • ‘The place appeared to be entirely the product of duco autoparts glued together by a giant child.’
    • ‘When the duco had all but disappeared she bought a can of green paint and hand-painted it herself.’
    • ‘Listed under paint is duco lacquer system paint and freight car brown.’
    • ‘The duco finish on a repaired car occasionally showed a slight imperfection.’
    • ‘It was a Chrysler VG Valiant in almost similar duco colour and equally fantastic condition.’
    • ‘They offered a Brougham in a dark cherry red (original duco and rego, mint condition).’
    • ‘One solution was to use a standard finishing varnish over the duco.’


1920s a trademark of the DuPont company.