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duct tape

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  • Strong cloth-backed waterproof adhesive tape.

    ‘It turned out that he did know how to fix a broken pipe: use waterproof duct tape.’
    • ‘If you're using frames made of wood, you can try taping the nylon with duct tape, or nailing it on.’
    • ‘Then on top of that, I laid a fresh bandage pad on it, and taped that down with duct tape as well.’
    • ‘Both riders have ragged squares of duct tape on their feet: waterproof blister bandages.’
    • ‘Strap duct tape over the mesh portion on the toe for better wind insulation.’
    • ‘Among the biggest concerns was whether the astronauts had duct tape, Smylie said.’
    • ‘As a wise man once said, true mountaineering only really requires duct tape and a plane ticket.’
    • ‘The tests show blonde hair stuck to a piece of duct tape found on a beach does not belong to the missing girl.’
    • ‘John looked inside and found a rusty screwdriver taped to the inside wall with duct tape.’
    • ‘I also have a new hobby of backing my car into trees and then taping the trunk down with duct tape.’
    • ‘And how did we know it would involve large quantities of duct tape?’
    • ‘When working in the field, stick a strip of duct tape to your pants.’
    • ‘Lacey turned around and darted for the coffee table and grasped a reel of duct tape, holding it up in her hand.’
    • ‘She handed her shoelaces to the nurse and the nurse, in return gave her two pieces of duct tape to hold her shoes on.’
    • ‘It was much easier to just get a new plate than it was to try to fix the one with duct tape, though in theory it should have worked.’
    • ‘Parents were told to cover the wart with a piece of duct tape for six days.’
    • ‘Some of the supporting duct tape had melted and stretched, requiring replacement.’
    • ‘Give a person a wrench, a hammer, and some duct tape, and you'd be surprised what can get fixed.’
    • ‘Secure the hose to the drain pipe with duct tape to prevent it from coming out.’
    • ‘He was restrained with what looked like duct tape and was now kneeling beside me.’


duct tape

/ˈdək(t) ˌtāp/ /ˈdək(t) ˌteɪp/


1970s originally used for repairing leaks in ducted ventilation and heating systems.