Definition of ducting in English:



mass noun
  • 1A system of ducts.

    ‘they scrambled along ducting and into the room’
    • ‘From here they will spread out along pipes and ducting.’
    • ‘The system uses traditional ducting for air delivery, sending clean air, quietly, to all parts of the home.’
    • ‘This week ducting, wires and pipes for the New Road crossing are being put down in preparation for the filling of the subway.’
    • ‘Look up to the ceiling and you see ducting and pipework reminiscent of a James Bond film.’
    • ‘This is nothing short of disgraceful and now I hear that ducting put down for broadband pipes had to be cut to make room for the roots of the trees.’
    • ‘During the tests, the airplane is fixed atop a ground-level metal grate over the hover pit - a large rectangular basin with special ducting that pulls away the propulsion system's downward rush of air and engine exhaust.’
    • ‘The trench network contains over 750,000 metres of cable ducting in a 12-chamber system with independent and secure access for customers.’
    • ‘‘The machine where the fire broke out had ducting used to extract dust particles, which all had to be checked to determine whether the fire had spread and to make sure the building was made completely safe,’ a spokesman said.’
    • ‘The director stated work on the Carlow project, which will involve digging trenches and laying ducting and fibre optic cables, is expected to be completed by April of next year.’
    • ‘They discovered two old bundles of cash and an envelope stuffed with even more money hidden in under-floor ducting while they were renovating a housing association property in Cheshire.’
    • ‘An automatic sprinkler system prevented widespread damage at the plant on Friday last but the fire did spread through enclosed ducting around the building.’
    • ‘It consists of 8.5 kilometres of ducting with cable and serves the main industrial and business campuses, commercial areas and schools.’
    • ‘From this padded cell you pass into the workspace which, in contrast, is crisply designed with white walls and floor, glazed divisions, overhead ducting and a glass conference room at the centre.’
    • ‘Combine the above factors with the tendency to install uninsulated air conditioning equipment and ducting in Florida attics, and the result is a built-in mechanism for mold growth.’
    • ‘What that freezer needs is new insulation, a new compressor, new condenser, new ducting, new wiring, new motors, new mounts, new hinges, new sheathing.’
    • ‘But for comfort's sake, the room taps into the home's furnace and central air-conditioning ducting and is equipped with a gas fireplace.’
    • ‘This is partly to accommodate ducting and partly to give the kitchen an elevated view over the living room, making conversation between chef and guests possible.’
    • ‘However, in a move that mirrors what's happening in the US, its seems more and more house builders in the UK are including broadband and ducting in their new properties.’
    • ‘Caulk and seal gaps where plumbing, ducting, or electrical wiring penetrate through exterior walls, floors and ceilings.’
    • ‘But we used some historic cardboard and some tank tape to make some ducting and it wasn't a problem thereafter.’
    1. 1.1Tubing or piping forming a system of ducts.
      ‘push the flat ducting through to the inside’