Definition of ductwork in English:



  • A system or network of ducts.

    ‘Rather than installing a traditional overhead system with ductwork and variable air volume controls, the underfloor system uses the floor module as a pressurized plenum.’
    • ‘Partitions, false ceilings, lighting, heating and ventilation ductwork, computer systems, telecommunications, and security apparatus are vulnerable.’
    • ‘In the attic, determine whether openings for items such as pipes, ductwork, and chimneys are sealed.’
    • ‘One of the more innovative elements of this system is the fabric ductwork.’
    • ‘Mechanical plant pipes and ductwork may produce moisture or attract condensation.’
    • ‘Duct tape does not provide an effective seal for ductwork.’
    • ‘Traditional systems rely on above-ceiling installation of ductwork and large distribution units.’
    • ‘An in-floor hot-water heating system eliminates the sight of ductwork and radiators.’
    • ‘As dirt accumulated on fan blades or within ductwork, it reduced the possible airflow through the system.’
    • ‘Jensen told authorities he went into the school to get out of the cold weather, and crawled into the school ductwork after panicking when he heard approaching footsteps.’
    • ‘You want to avoid having ductwork running through high traffic areas or in areas where it may affect the safe operation of power tools.’
    • ‘This creates the cavity between the joists and the ceiling where pipes, wires, and ductwork can be installed and worked on.’
    • ‘Constructing dust-proof partitions, applying tape around doorways, and sealing or disconnecting ductwork leading to occupied areas will greatly reduce the spread of contaminants.’
    • ‘Another challenge was to repair the more than 50 holes gouged into the artwork in the 1950s when supports for the drop ceiling and ductwork were simply hammered through the ornate plaster.’
    • ‘This reduction in airflow rate translates into ductwork and fans being about 20 percent smaller than a conventional system, with proportional construction cost savings.’
    • ‘The specter of a chemical, biological or radiological attack raises the unnerving prospect of an insidious, invisible agent drifting through ductwork, hallways and offices.’
    • ‘Raised floors required less ductwork than dropped ceilings, saving Fidelity about $1 per square foot in construction costs, Anderson says.’
    • ‘The intricate, multiangled vectors of ductwork, scaffolding, lattices, building cranes and raw beams conjure a kind of teeming energy field with light at its core.’
    • ‘In addition, high winds accompanying blizzards have pushed snow through grills and into buildings' ductwork.’
    • ‘Consider replacing any ductwork that has an interior lining to minimize the buildup of dirt and moisture on inside surfaces.’