Definition of duello in English:



the duello
  • 1historical The custom of duelling or the established code governing duellists.

    ‘the laws of the duello as laid down in every civilized country’
    • ‘The Passado he respects not, the Duello he regards not; his disgrace is to be called Boy, but his glorie is to subdue men.’
    • ‘Among the greatest of today is the great hue and cry against the Duello.’
    • ‘An outcry has been raised against the duello, when the fact is that the duello is simply the unit of war.’
    • ‘He has put a mortal slight upon me, by bumping me in the solemn service of Hele-an-to; apologizing with an insult; and then refusing to abide by the duello.’
    • ‘Armado valued himself on the nicety of his skill in taking up quarrels according to the rules of art, and adjusting the ceremonies of the duello.’
    1. 1.1A duel.
      ‘none shall fight duellos here’
      • ‘A duello commenced of longbow against crossbow; and as the freebooters could deliver near a dozen shafts to each bolt, they more than held their own.’
      • ‘The implication reminded Smollett of a narrow escape from a duello at Ghent in 1749 with a Frenchman.’
      • ‘Through my defiance, and stupid ways, here was I in a duello, and my legs not come to their strength yet, and my arms as limp as a herring.’
      • ‘Within a month after his letting out of prison he was killed in a duello with the husband of a lady he had took by force in the highway.’
      • ‘Here and there fierce duellos among rival bulls took place for the possession of some shaggy one of the softer sex.’
      affair of honour, mano-a-mano, single combat


Late 16th century Italian, ‘duel’.