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(also duffle)
  • 1A coarse woolen cloth with a thick nap.

    as modifier ‘a duffel hat’
    • ‘The hangings are made of Scotland duffel wool, a thick, blanket-like material used to make Inuit parkas.’
    • ‘The driver was white, 22 to 23 years old, with a goatee beard, wearing glasses, a black hat and duffel jacket.’
  • 2North American Sporting or camping equipment.

    ‘our duffel was already stacked by the cook tent’
    • ‘Krystal dragged her black duffle and hunter green sleeping bag up the stairs first.’
    • ‘She asked, setting her duffle on the ground for a bit.’
    • ‘Adam takes out from his duffle three wool blankets and raps himself in them.’
    • ‘Then I set my duffle down and put my pillow on the ground and spread out my blanket.’
    • ‘Wiley pointed to the duffle with the survival gear.’
    • ‘The air in the carpeted area behind the lanes was becoming stifling as campers squished together with their duffels.’
    • ‘I saw Joey and Jimmy retrieving their duffels too, and reached down to get mine.’
    • ‘The other campers were currently tossing down their duffels.’
    1. 2.1
      short for duffel bag





Mid 17th century from Duffel, the name of a town in Belgium where the cloth was originally made.