Definition of dugite in English:



  • A highly venomous snake found in south-western Australia, similar to the related brown snakes.

    Pseudonaja affinis, family Elapidae

    • ‘A couple of hours later we saw the culprit by our pond - a 4 ft dugite slithering across the lawn.’
    • ‘This includes many populous areas, and dugites are a relatively frequent cause of snakebite in this area.’
    • ‘Other examples resembling the general appearance of dugites from the Middleback ranges and environs have been found.’
    • ‘Needless to say, we gave the dugite a wide berth.’
    • ‘There are several species, the most important medically being the eastern or common brown, the western brown or gwardar and the dugite.’


Late 19th century from Nyungar dukayj.