Definition of dugout in English:



  • 1A trench that is dug and roofed over as a shelter for troops.

    ‘the German gun crews kept in their dugouts’
    • ‘Areas within the trenches, known as dugouts, were furnished with a table and chairs and a few wire-mesh bunks for resting.’
    • ‘With much of the ground below sea level, there was a constant problem with the water table filling trenches and dugouts with water.’
    • ‘If you get away from potential targets and into a slit trench or dugout, any good insurance company would issue you a policy on the spot.’
    • ‘In the camp, the message was relayed to the commanders, who frantically tried to wake the sleeping troops to get them into dugouts which would protect them from the worst of the blast.’
    • ‘The Germans showed particular ingenuity in constructing deep dugouts, like the large stollen used to shelter the troops waiting to assault Verdun in early 1916.’
    • ‘The rain not only flooded the dugouts, it turned the trenches into mud holes.’
    • ‘They were jittery now and reacted nervously to any movement around their dugouts.’
    • ‘A bunch of Afghan soldiers emerged from a dugout to look at us with some curiosity.’
    • ‘These were mainly earth dugouts, filled in after the war.’
    pit, ditch, trench, cavity, crater, depression, hollow
    1. 1.1An underground air-raid or nuclear shelter.
      ‘Because the dugout is entirely underground it is a cinch to heat.’
      ‘From 1916, he guided the siting of mine tunnels, and later dugouts.’
      lair, sett, earth, drey, lodge, burrow, hole, tunnel, cave, dugout, hollow, covert, shelter, hiding place, hideout
    2. 1.2A low shelter at the side of a sports field for a team's coaches and substitutes.
      • ‘After the game, the kids were lined up along the rail from the dugout to shallow right field, with their scorecards and baseballs in hand, hoping for an autograph.’
      • ‘The equivalent would be driving an outfielder from the dugout to center field, then leaving him there to do the real work on his own.’
      • ‘I accompanied Dad and the team on the plane, on the team bus rides, in the press box at each game, and even an occasion in the dugout and on the field during batting practice.’
      • ‘First-time managers are best served in the dugout by former major league skippers or veteran coaches.’
      • ‘Early in Game 1 when he sensed his players were tight, he called a brief team meeting in the dugout.’
      • ‘The missing knowledge, they believe, is in the locker room, the dugout, the team bus, the psychology of the players and the relations among them.’
      • ‘Then he had to watch again from the visitors' dugout as the home team came back and won.’
      • ‘Two of the diamonds will have major league dimensions, and one will have covered dugouts, a scoreboard and lighting for night games.’
      • ‘He reached in the bat rack there in the third base dugout, which was our dugout, the visiting team dugout.’
      • ‘Since both teams were in the dugout, which was below field grade, there was little to be done but fight one's way out.’
      • ‘Thousands of New Englanders had made the trip to Toronto, many of them arriving early and lining up four deep from behind the first base dugout to the right field foul pole.’
      • ‘Sometimes, he looks over at his dugout and sees his teammates looking at him, and he all but dares them to hurry him.’
      • ‘He takes his infield and outfield gloves into the dugout for each game.’
      • ‘In most dugouts, players congregate on the outfield side while the manager and coaches gather on the home plate end.’
      • ‘I requested media passes far in advance and took advantage of the opportunity to access the field and dugout prior to the game.’
      • ‘This fall, he was in the dugout as first-year manager of a team playing in its first World Series.’
      • ‘I had to walk on the field of play to get back to the dugout, for fear of being hit.’
      • ‘It was a pretty impressive field, with real dugouts and amphitheater-like seating up the first- and third-base lines.’
      • ‘One sports talk show after another was lined up in front of the dugouts, taking live shots of the field before the big game.’
      • ‘I walked back to the dugout and confronted my coach.’
  • 2

    (also dugout canoe)
    A canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk.

    • ‘The afternoon light was fading, and after some negotiations with the locals, I found myself in a dugout canoe being paddled around the edge of the lake near the crater walls that disappeared into the clear depths.’
    • ‘Delighted, Jim produced a photograph of himself as a forestry officer, 90 years later, crossing those same rivers in a dugout canoe paddled by natives and clutching his rifle.’
    • ‘We paddled a dugout canoe across the river to the village burial ground, where the bodies of these tiny victims of the fossil fuel industry lay.’
    • ‘Paddle a dugout canoe through virgin rainforest, walk the Great Wall of China or sail the Aleutian Islands.’
    • ‘The daybed was originally a Polynesian dugout canoe, brilliantly transformed into a surreal and unlikely daybed by some strategically-placed padding and throw pillows - a perfect place for a New York heiress to take an afternoon siesta.’
    • ‘Labyrinths of shallow waterways, secret islands and lily-filled lagoons are negotiated by game drive vehicles, light aircraft and the traditional mokoro - a dugout canoe carved from the jackal-berry tree.’
    • ‘In this watery environment, the dugout canoe served the fishing and trading economies of the region, constituting the enterprise capital of its owner.’
    • ‘Sailing for 100 miles over seven days in a small dugout canoe with two local fishermen through the changeable waters of southwest Madagascar.’
    • ‘This doesn't have to be of the ‘five hours in a dugout canoe, followed by a nine-hour trek’ variety, either.’
    • ‘It is thought only the dugout canoe predates the coracle as a means of water travel.’
    • ‘Another is travelling in a mokoro, a dugout canoe like those the explorer used to reach the falls in 1855.’
    • ‘He dreads the day he may have to fold his fishing nets for good and haul his dugout canoe from the water for the last time.’
    • ‘It looks like a dugout canoe with squared ends, but is in fact a large brine storage tank, weighing over two tons.’
    • ‘Some still make their own bows and arrows and carve dugout canoes from a single tree trunk.’
    • ‘They also built European-style luggers and skiffs, and the pirogue, based on Indian dugout canoes.’
    • ‘Tragedy was with us since the first dugouts and wooden framed, tar-cloth boats put out to sea, eventually reaching Ireland 8000 BC.’
    • ‘At a glance it was like any anchorage in the Solomon Islands - smiling children paddling dugouts, pristine blue water and a pervasive ambience of relaxation.’
    • ‘Every day little dugouts would skilfully intercept our boat, almost rolling in the wake before lashing on properly.’
    • ‘My first activity of the day was to run the Eucalyptus trail twice round as the staff canoed to work and parked their dugout canoes in the reeds.’
    • ‘The local people coexist nonchalantly with their sea cows and can't quite understand the fuss visitors make about them, but are happy to paddle you out in a dugout to see them.’