Definition of dukun in English:



South East Asian
  • A traditional healer believed to have spiritual and occult powers; a shaman.

    • ‘It is obsessed with murderous witchhunts - in the late 1990s, many dukuns, traditional healers and magicians, were mysteriously killed in Eastern Java.’
    • ‘A woman breast-feeding her young child outside smiles toward the camera, and inside another house a dukun seems suspended in mid-air, surrounded by enthralled onlookers.’
    • ‘Now that particular evening I was visiting the local dukun (shaman).’
    • ‘In Indonesia there are dukun (witch doctors) and orang pintar, with dukun more associated with black magic, while orang pintar heal the sick.’
    • ‘When this occurs, the paraji shows an aspect of her ability as a dukun by conducting an exorcism.’
    • ‘Working from home, or in primitive premises, dukun often induce abortions using herb-based drinks followed by vigorous massage.’
    • ‘Javanese curers called dukun deal with a variety of illnesses of physical, emotional, and spiritual origin through combinations of herbal and magical means.’
    • ‘Before 1998, being a dukun was a part-time occupation.’
    • ‘‘I know he dresses like a dukun and fools around with black magic,’ he says twisting a finger on his forehead.’