Definition of dulia in English:



mass noun
  • (in Roman Catholic theology) the reverence accorded to saints and angels.

    • ‘In the twelfth century the distinction between latria and dulia finally became common knowledge.’
    • ‘The reply of our Lord to the tempter seems purposely framed so as to include both latria and dulia.’
    • ‘Finally, all the angels and canonized Saints receive what is called veneration, given in Latin as dulia.’
    • ‘When it comes to worshipping created beings and things - you can call it dulia or hyperdulia, but it still is idolatry.’
    • ‘Any help you can offer in clarifying the connection or distinction between the concepts of dulia and hyperdulia would be appreciated.’
    • ‘As precise definitions of words do not translate well from one language to another, words connoting latria and dulia vary from one language to another.’
    • ‘Since this difference of aspect in the object differentiates the species of virtue, it seems that dulia is divided into specifically different virtues.’
    • ‘It is common and certain doctrine that Mary is entitled to a special kind of dulia known as hyperdulia, which is due to her considered as Mother of God.’
    • ‘The distinction of what is called dulia and latria was invented for the very purpose of permitting divine honours to be paid to angels and dead men with apparent impunity.’
    • ‘The last three examples of each of the following lists show how such a focus can be maintained even without the specific terms dulia and latria.’
    • ‘While the technical distinction between the latria due to God and the dulia permissible to the saints was only beginning to emerge in the patristic epoch, the consistent teaching of the Church, voiced as much by Polycarp’s devotees as by theologians like Augustine and Cyril of Alexandria, was that while the saints and martyrs deserved honor and devotion, only God could be worshiped.’
    • ‘As its Greek roots suggest, hyperdulia is above and beyond the dulia.’
    reverence, revering, worshipping, veneration, venerating, adoration, adoring, -olatry, devotion, praise, thanksgiving, praising, praying to, glorification, glorifying, glory, exaltation, exalting, extolment, extolling, homage, respect, honour, honouring, esteem


Late Middle English via medieval Latin from Greek douleia ‘servitude’, from doulos ‘slave’.