Definition of dull-coloured in English:



  • Of a dull colour such as light brown.

    ‘they argued the merits of dull-coloured uniforms to reduce visibility in the desert’
    • ‘We changed into dull-coloured clothes.’
    • ‘It has a very friendly atmosphere, and the scenery is a refreshing change from the typical concrete and dull-coloured buildings.’
    • ‘It resembles a furtive, dull-coloured mouse, scuttling up a tree.’
    • ‘Some brightly colored male birds may molt twice a year, becoming dull-colored with the first molt and brightly colored with the second molt.’
    • ‘While others argued the merits of dull-coloured uniforms to reduce visibility in the desert, the very idea evinced a howl of protest from Everson.’
    • ‘Wearing dull-coloured clothes enables trekkers to watch birds and animals without disturbing them.’
    • ‘Think before you kick what appears to be a dull-coloured round stone - it could be a hand grenade with a rusted pin.’
    • ‘Dull-coloured and pungent-smelling, kiwis had a sporting chance against their original predators, such as the extinct Haast giant eagle.’
    • ‘The dull-colored naturalistic painting style of his early years was replaced by the use of brilliant colors painted with small, rapidly painted brushstrokes.’
    • ‘Few of us notice the day-flying adult or the tiny, dull-colored eggs it lays.’
    • ‘Brightly colored male house finches provided more food for their offspring and therefore seemed to be better foragers than dull-colored males.’
    • ‘The images include 600 small, dull-colored views of signs and graffiti in the artist's neighborhood.’
    • ‘In the case of the arctic-nesting red phalarope, the female deserts her smaller, dull-colored mate as soon as the clutch of eggs is complete.’
    • ‘He held the slender, dull-colored metallic band toward the boy.’
    • ‘It was a linen bag which contained within it a mass of old rusted and discolored metal and several dull-colored pieces of pebble or glass.’
    • ‘In most waterfowl and songbirds, males and females have similar plumages in the nonbreeding season but, before the onset of breeding, males molt into a brightly colored plumage while females remain dull-colored.’
    • ‘Vincetoxicum rossicurn has flat, regular dull-colored flowers and open nectar, characteristic of fly-pollinated plants.’
    dark, dark-coloured, dull, dull-coloured, drab, dingy, shady