Definition of dull-witted in English:



  • Slow to understand; stupid.

    ‘a dogged, dull-witted plodder’
    • ‘The defendant, a strange looking young man who appeared dull-witted, stammered unintelligibly as he struggled to tell his version of the facts.’
    • ‘The most dull-witted, vulgar complaint about Gay Pride parades follows the form of ‘you don't see straight people running around with nipple clamps’ or ‘my wife doesn't dress up in latex and flaunt herself in the street ’, etc. and so forth.’
    • ‘What's so depressing about the current censorship is its lack of imagination, its dull-witted displacements and deletions, its demagogic vacuity.’
    • ‘By the early 1990s, the company that defined computing for much of the 20th century had become too dull-witted, sluggish and internally compromised to compete with a new generation of rivals.’
    • ‘There's so much to enjoy here, however, that even dull-witted blockheads like me will whoop with (slightly confused) pleasure.’
    • ‘I've always thought of him as a rather dull-witted stiff.’
    • ‘It is a conflict that occurs on the highest realms of thought and faces the fiercest of oppositions from the pragmatic, dull-witted masses.’
    • ‘The problem is that he's dull-witted and easily manipulated.’
    • ‘One dictionary defines a Neanderthal as ‘a heavily built, crude and dull-witted person’.’
    • ‘Some people will probably think of us dull-witted if we ask the same question again after a conversation.’
    • ‘Since I am not usually dull-witted about these things I think it might be broken.’
    • ‘But the response of pub owners to the downturn in trade has been typically dull-witted.’
    • ‘Well that's fine, doing what you do, you can't be dull-witted.’
    • ‘Well no, but I bet they are as dull-witted though.’
    • ‘Your brain pours a rain of advice down upon your body, like a seasoned old coach who is at first patient and fatherly with a dull-witted athlete, then louder and blunter in his sideline advice, and finally livid with frustration.’
    • ‘These are not your average dull-witted pirates.’
    • ‘Clicking his tongue, breathing heavily, standing listlessly and with a dull-witted look on his face at times, he couldn't even keep himself from yawning.’
    • ‘In the brief conversation, the coachman advises the dull-witted pancake vendor recently arrived from his village on how best to sell his goods.’
    • ‘She seemed always on a constant high of life and her biting sarcasm didn't help the dull-witted contenders.’
    • ‘In both instances, the monkey appears to be dull-witted and yet gains the upper hand with a quick response.’
    unintelligent, stupid, slow, dull-witted, slow-witted, witless, doltish, dunce-like, stolid, vacuous, empty-headed, brainless, mindless, foolish, half-witted, idiotic, moronic, imbecilic, cretinous, obtuse