Definition of dully in English:



  • 1In a manner that lacks interest or excitement.

    ‘ideals of global peace have been dully intoned’
    ‘the pieces sound dully repetitive’
  • 2In a manner that lacks brightness or shine.

    • ‘the silver tiles gleamed dully in the firelight’
    • ‘dully glowing stars’
    • ‘the dully lit hallway’
    1. 2.1With an unclear or muffled sound.
      ‘the voice carried on the rain, echoing dully in the heavy air’
      ‘my heartbeat thudded dully’
    2. 2.2(with reference to pain) not acutely; indistinctly.
      ‘my right hand ached dully’
      ‘his head throbbed dully’
  • 3In a slow-witted or stupid manner.

    ‘he stared dully around him’
    ‘I had dully walked into a trap’