Definition of dulosis in English:



mass nounEntomology
  • The practice by slave-making ants of capturing the pupae of other ant species and rearing them as workers of their own colony.

    • ‘On the other hand, one person's comment refers to dulosis as ‘little better than a euphemism’.’
    • ‘Their attack on the pet class is presented as an example of dulosis.’
    • ‘This parasitic relationship in which workers of a parasitic ant species capture brood from other colonies and rear them as enslaved nestmates is referred to as dulosis.’
    • ‘Second, although an evolutionary hypothesis of dulosis based on predation can account for brood capture and the rearing of excess pupae, the important issue of non-independent colony foundation must also be addressed.’
    subjugation, disenfranchisement, suppression, tyranny, subjection, oppression, domination, exploitation, persecution


Early 20th century from Greek doulōsis ‘slavery’, from doulos ‘slave’.