Definition of dulotic in English:




See dulosis

  • ‘Facultative slave-making ants, like those in the sanguinea complex, represent an intermediate parasitic group, between freeliving species on the one hand, and obligatory dulotic species on the other.’
  • ‘The slave-maker, or dulotic, ant species are typically specialized for raiding nests of host species for their brood.’
  • ‘This dulotic character of many ants continues to stimulate research.’
  • ‘This dulotic nest belongs to a red slave-raiding Polyergus species which is parasitic on the silvery field ant Formica argentea.’
  • ‘Various types such as guest ants, temporary parasites (some Lasius, Formica, Bothriomyrmex species), inquilines or permanent social parasites (Anergates, Aporomyrmex, Doronomyrmex, Strongylognathus, etc.), and slave-makers or dulotic species (Chalepoxenus, Epimyrma, Harpagoxenus, Protomognathus, Strongylognathus, Polyergus, etc.) are known.’