Definition of duly in English:



  • 1In accordance with what is required or appropriate; following proper procedure or arrangement.

    ‘a document duly signed and authorized by the inspector’
    ‘the ceremony duly began at midnight’
    • ‘She spoke on the phone to Joe and asked for a visiting order, which duly arrived on the following Thursday.’
    • ‘So long as the man holds the office, and exercises it duly and in accordance with law, his orders are not a nullity.’
    • ‘CDs were duly signed to finish things off and we have two to give away to lucky competition winners this week.’
    • ‘A birthday card was duly procured and signed, to the general amused delight of the table.’
    • ‘I never trust a buyer until I have his contract in my hand, duly signed and witnessed.’
    • ‘These resolutions were duly authorized actions of the Board of Directors of the USACA.’
    • ‘The penicillin duly arrived about midnight for the exclusive treatment of the young soldier.’
    • ‘If he fail to answer the summons, let this be duly noted and he shall be required to find a pledge for his appearance.’
    • ‘They were entitled to rely on the professional men to ensure that the estate was duly wound up in a proper manner.’
    • ‘They were duly buried with full religious ceremony and laid to rest for a second time.’
    • ‘It merely provides that the signature of an agent shall be acceptable, if he is otherwise duly authorised.’
    • ‘Workers duly obliged and also insisted on the correct implementation of all the regulations.’
    • ‘It was news she failed to share with the voters who duly elected her.’
    • ‘However that is all idle speculation now as I have been duly called and plans have been duly made.’
    • ‘He returned, we duly stuffed up one transfer form and set to work on the other.’
    • ‘The sales leaflet for it duly arrived and circulated amongst the staff.’
    • ‘I duly called this software support line, trying to hurry through the process as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘They want corrupt lawmakers to be ousted and duly punished under any circumstances.’
    • ‘He said Sikhism had become one of the five religions duly recognised by the King!’
    • ‘One has to produce a colour photograph of the family duly attested by the principal of the school.’
    properly, correctly, in due manner, rightly, fittingly, fitly, aptly, appropriately, suitably
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    1. 1.1As might be expected or predicted.
      ‘I used the tent and was duly impressed’
      • ‘Certainly any tourist looking at the performers list and site would be duly impressed.’
      • ‘The ancient sage, Vatsayana, would be duly impressed if he were to see any of our film dance.’
      • ‘When we came into the house Dolly was waiting for us, expecting to be admired, which duly happened.’
      • ‘An ace gives him match point and he duly completes an impressive win.’
      • ‘Sure enough, an hour later he appeared and duly started taking the machine apart and prodding it with a multimeter.’
      • ‘My picture duly appeared in the paper and I was also given an opportunity to say some words about what I'd seen.’
      • ‘At the time, he was a commerce student at UCD and duly graduated with flying colours.’
      • ‘Celebrations have duly been enjoyed and now the focus is on the provincial competitions.’
      • ‘I duly located my telly stand and then nearly herniated myself in the process of dragging it off a shelf and hauling it to the car.’
      • ‘She is a journalistic force all to her self and we were duly in awe.’
      • ‘Core values were duly identified as folk music, the sea, the countryside and the Church of England.’
      • ‘Bill and I duly slunk off to the hotel for a brandy while we waited for the results to be posted on the ACM's website.’
      at the proper time, at the right time, in due time, on time, punctually
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