Definition of dumb blonde in English:

dumb blonde


(also dumb blond)
informal, derogatory
  • A blond-haired woman perceived in a stereotypical way as being attractive but unintelligent.

    • ‘I do not deny that there are dumb blondes, or those who like to play the part in order to manipulate the sorry men who fall for it.’
    • ‘There are no dumb blondes or doormats; all of these women know the score and can tot it up in their heads without a calculator.’
    • ‘Why didn't the critics and powers that be realize, as I did when I was going to her movies in the '50s, what a fine comedic actress Marilyn was instead of treating her as a dumb blonde?’
    • ‘She said: ‘I thought it was cute to play a dumb blonde on TV, I do it because it's funny.’’
    • ‘‘I thought it was cute to play a dumb blonde,’ she insisted.’
    • ‘I think it's because he's the dumb blonde of American journalism, so awed by his proximity to power that he buys whatever he's being sold.’
    • ‘Why then, can't I rid myself of this nagging sense of discomfort at the fact that being a dumb blonde is deemed culturally significant enough to have an entire feature film devoted to it?’
    • ‘I could talk to my fans and those people who think I'm just a dumb blonde.’
    • ‘Playing the dumb blonde became her forte despite the fact that her articulate astute mind contained much more.’
    • ‘I forgot, you're another one of those dumb blondes.’
    • ‘However, her comparisons to dumb blondes were the least of her worries; she bent over, desperately trying to remove a stubborn stain from her knee.’
    • ‘Beautiful maybe, but she could be one of those dumb blondes.’
    • ‘I hate it when she makes me feel like a dumb blonde.’
    • ‘In her distress she'd rushed into the canteen, throwing herself at his feet and declaring her love while the dumb blonde on his arm looked on in shock.’
    • ‘Should she thank the dumb blonde for ruining the place she once called home?’
    • ‘My mother despises me, my sister acts like a dumb blonde but she's actually really smart.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the dumb blonde found herself on the floor with no idea as to how she got there.’
    • ‘I think she is used to being funny, and if you're funny and blonde, people are happy to put you in a category as dumb blonde.’
    • ‘Yeah, I suppose she was extremely attractive with her long blonde hair, blue eyes, and great physique, but beneath that glitz and glamour was just another ditzy, dumb blonde.’
    • ‘It was just something the masses obviously didn't want to hear about, they all preferred to believe that I was some dumb blonde who was only making it through high school by fluttering her eyelashes and hitching her skirt up a bit too high.’


dumb blonde

/ˌdəm ˈbländ/ /ˌdəm ˈblɑnd/