Definition of dumb luck in English:

dumb luck


  • Pure chance.

    ‘finally, through dumb luck, it worked and I got a network connection’
    • ‘She escaped, a circumstance she attributes to dumb luck rather than divine intervention.’
    • ‘They depend also, to no small extent, on sheer dumb luck.’
    • ‘Just my dumb luck that my shower doesn't work.’
    • ‘I found a good opportunity and after multiple rejections of my business plan, stumbled by dumb luck into my current business partner.’
    • ‘But he chafes at the title, since he knows his bravery was just dumb luck.’
    • ‘But Jonathan and Sara sense they are drawn to one another by more than dumb luck or blind chance.’
    • ‘Don't blame yourself, as this time dumb luck has been beaten out of site by sheer stupidity and you can't guard against that.’
    • ‘It was plain dumb luck that the grenade hadn't exploded on its own or that my brother-in-law hadn't released the arming lever.’
    • ‘This reduces a political leader to a gambler who must depend on good timing and dumb luck to take him where he wants to go.’
    • ‘I got the job half by dumb luck, and half by knowing what I'm doing.’