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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Greatly astonish or amaze.

    ‘I was dumbfounded by the low prices there’
    • ‘they were dumbfounded at his popularity’
    • ‘his efforts dumbfounded some members of the group’
    • ‘The ability of all these top-level singers to deliver whole programmes from memory never ceases to amaze and dumbfound me.’
    • ‘Now it was Adam who was dumbfounded as he stared in astonishment at the card in his hands.’
    • ‘We just didn't understand, and I personally was dumfounded.’
    • ‘What dumbfounds me, though, is when they call me ‘mate’.’
    • ‘It still dumbfounds me and many who share an enthusiasm for boating.’
    • ‘‘Music is important for me,’ she says, probably dumbfounding her detractors in the process.’
    • ‘I am always dumbfounded by the utter lack of taste displayed in selecting the most popular choices on the jukebox.’
    • ‘She was dumbfounded at this magical event, and stood there open mouthed for a long time, looking at this strange object in her own hand.’
    • ‘You'll dislike this show while watching it, but an hour later you'll be dumbfounded by its cunning.’
    • ‘We were dumbfounded at this rudeness and I got up and knelt on the clay floor.’
    • ‘On several occasions during a trip to London last week I was dumbfounded by the evidence of this.’
    • ‘Every now and then my own life does dumbfound me.’
    • ‘I only wanted to thrill him and satisfy him, that's why it dumfounded me so much for him to be so incredibly scared and uncomfortable with it.’
    • ‘I should say, it's meaningless goop that some poor soul spent a whole lot of time creating in order to dumfound the unwary.’
    • ‘For me, it just absolutely dumbfounds me how, as citizens of the United States, we own these parks, we own these national forests.’
    • ‘I know they're going to say that isn't a fact.… but it dumbfounds me.’
    • ‘He puts all his materials and maneuvers in plain sight, almost like the magician who obligingly shows you that there's nothing up his sleeve before he dumbfounds you.’
    • ‘I knew she was a strong woman, not just in battle, but even this showcase dumbfounded me.’
    • ‘Jerome was dumbfounded at the double life his longtime chess partner had been leading.’
    • ‘Her mouth was like a cave as she stood dumbfounded by the array of weird electronic devices, and their sheer size.’
    astonish, astound, amaze, stagger, surprise, startle, stun, confound, stupefy, daze, nonplus
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/ˈdəmˌfound/ /ˈdəmˌfaʊnd/


Mid 17th century blend of dumb and confound.