Definition of dumbo in English:



  • A stupid person.

    • ‘After lengthy consideration I decided that the intellectual standard was a bit too high already for some of you dumbos out there, so instead I am starting a review column.’
    • ‘Identify all the dumbos out there - in politics, in government, wherever they may find themselves - and invariably they are not readers.’
    • ‘And all us poor dumbos at home in our lounge-rooms lose.’
    • ‘It'd be wise for them to remember from whence comes their revenue - there are an awful lot more of us dumbos than the clever ones.’
    • ‘But you'd have to be a complete dumbo not to have picked things up from him.’
    • ‘Class, we have a new student today, he was supposed to be placed in class A but unfortunately they could not accommodate anymore students so I guess he'll have to make do with us dumbos.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that you only lure dumbos and ditzes.’
    • ‘The dumbos get it now, and the smarties are at a loss.’
    • ‘I stopped in my tracks when I saw him being confronted by the three dumbos.’
    • ‘Time to help dumbos like me and give out a small piece of probable text so at least a few of your prizes can be given out.’
    • ‘Hollywood, which once made her look hip and powerful, now makes her look craven and silly - and like a dumbo for not getting that it's so over with.’
    • ‘Face first in the wall, the books were scattered all over the place and I just stood there like a dumbo.’
    • ‘That is the best and only plan we have, dumbo, and I suggest we stick to it like we did before you had your stupid idea!’
    • ‘Of course dumbo, you've been there a million times, why?’
    • ‘So get back in bed you dumbo… or you'll freeze to death.’
    • ‘Notes were being passed between him and some blonde dumbo, who considered herself an ‘intellectual’ cheerleader.’
    • ‘As for the government, this dumbo claims that it's democratic, but as you know, it is a one-man sectarian dictatorship.’
    • ‘No, dumbo, that's what you were told by the people who run the show!’
    • ‘Yes, if the athlete is dehydrated, any water will accomplish that, dumbo!’
    • ‘I gave this dumbo a short, sharp, answer long ago, but he's still carrying on about this nonsense.’
    idiot, ass, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod


1950s (originally US): from dumb+ -o, popularized by the 1941 cartoon film Dumbo.