Definition of dummy cord in English:

dummy cord


  • A cord or strap that secures an object (such as a weapon) to one's person.

    • ‘Each slot pocket has a D-ring sewn inside at the top for dummy cords or suspending hydration bladders.’
    • ‘The hook floated upright, but I had a pretty fair current that day, the dummy cord turned out to be a good idea.’
    • ‘Remove the cover and allow it to hang by the dummy cord and then when maintenance is complete reinstall the cover.’
    • ‘The easy solution to remembering about your disc lock is to buy a dummy cord for it.’
    • ‘Not 100% fool proof but you would have to be even dumber to take off with your disc lock on with this type of dummy cord than one that just attached to the clip-on.’
    • ‘The cargo pockets have a d ring inside the flap that's handy for attaching a static line for small fixed blades or dummy cords for other stuff.’
    • ‘I was climbing leashless with dummy cords attaching my tools to my harness, which allowed me to clean the screws quickly and enjoy better circulation to my hands.’
    • ‘What's the deal with all the dummy cords on the pistols?’
    • ‘The pouch has a grommet hole in the top for tying in a dummy cord.’
    • ‘Oh one more thing, the cord is 550 dummy cord.’
    • ‘I use a rod leash (call it a dummy cord in the Army) but I modify mine.’
    • ‘Try and minimize the number and length of your ‘soldier assistance cords’ (dummy cords) on your gear.’
    • ‘There are also 4 tie down points on the sheath for retention / dummy cords.’

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Secure an object to one's person with a cord.

    ‘he'll show you how to dummy cord your knife’
    • ‘There are 4 loops for dummy cording items that you place in the pockets or in the main compartment.’
    • ‘You can always tell the new guy as his sergeant has all his important stuff dummy corded to his web belt.’
    • ‘I guess the cleaning crew isn't pictured because they were dummy corded to the buffer across the room.’
    • ‘I have dummy corded it to my belt loop whenever I am attending fine establishments on any given night.’
    • ‘The inside of the pouch has a D-ring for dummy cording and two pockets for organizing items.’
    • ‘In my own experience, it's relatively accurate - if you're not dummy corded, it is, anyways.’
    • ‘Additionally, they will also wear their name sewn on their kevlar band and it will be dummy corded to their kevlar.’
    • ‘The pouch has elastic loops for retaining pens, and grommets for dummy cording things.’
    • ‘Unfortunately I didn't have it dummy corded and left in a parking lot somewhere.’
    • ‘They were also dummy corded and had small holes drilled in the top to allow a little water exchange periodically by gently squeezing and releasing the jar every so often.’
    • ‘I only say that because it looks like he has it dummy corded to his gangster grip.’
    • ‘I dummy corded my handkerchief around my neck and had lip balm and a lighter corded to that.’
    • ‘The Administrative Storage Pouch is designed to hold pens and maps in elastic loops on the inside in place with grommets for dummy cording.’
    • ‘It has a grommet at the top for dummy cording.’
    • ‘It serves two purposes; one, it helps eliminate bow torque, and two, it dummy cords the bow to you.’
    • ‘Oh and not only should you dummy cord the pins, carry spare pins in your kit as well.’
    • ‘That said, I suspect that you could dummy cord it to the mount, but I do not like dummy cords on things fastened to my head.’
    • ‘Or we could dummy cord all the pieces to the troops.’
    • ‘Use the loop to dummy cord a knife sharpener or other small items.’
    • ‘It was a great tool that is now sadly resting at the bottom of a swamp in Florida (I forgot to dummy cord it).’