Definition of dump on in English:

dump on

phrasal verb

informalNorth American
  • Criticize or abuse (someone); treat badly.

    ‘you get dumped on just because of your name’
    • ‘Would you blatantly bash anyone the way you dump on yourself?’
    • ‘Anyway, I apologize if I was dumping on Comic Book Resources.’
    • ‘I just want to say one thing, Larry, about the stewardess who has been dumped on tonight.’
    • ‘We've all dumped on that guy, this guy in Buffalo, who will probably end up now in Eerie.’
    • ‘I don't want to dump on the book because I think the author made a sincere effort and because I think he did a better job than I'd have imagined from a guy who was so far removed from Jack.’
    • ‘It will become another way to divide Americans, another way to dump on huge swathes of this society, i.e., everyone who doesn't agree with them.’
    • ‘Irresponsible bishops are now much more likely to dump on their priests over flimsy accusations than to dump on victims for real ones.’
    • ‘If not, repeat your declaration each time they try to dump on you.’
    • ‘It's important to learn how to manage your moods so you don't dump on loved ones.’
    • ‘Many factors are totally beyond the control of an editor, and it probably doesn't help that the entire standup surfing culture dumps on bodyboarding as well.’
    disparage, denigrate, defame, run down, revile, berate, belittle, abuse, insult, slight, attack, speak ill of, speak evil of, pour scorn on, cast aspersions on, criticize, censure, condemn, decry, denounce, pillory, lambaste