Definition of dumper in English:



  • 1A person or thing that dumps something.

    • ‘He said 24-hour waste wardens should be empowered to impose on the spot fines on ‘the handful’ of illegal dumpers, saying they cannot be allowed to ride roughshod over the natural environment.’
    • ‘The Government must bring in tougher fines and give waste control agencies powers to move quickly against rogue dumpers, the Environmental Protection Agency said yesterday.’
    • ‘However, court fines to date have done little to deter such activity for the 100 illegal dumpers who have come before the district courts in recent years, with the average minimum fine being around €1,000.’
    • ‘Night-time surveillance on the streets of our towns and at the popular spots for the indiscriminate and mean dumpers would catch a few of them in the act - then they could be exposed and made pay through the nose for their behaviour.’
    • ‘Patsy says many illegal dumpers and those who illegally burn their refuse at night or at the weekends mistakenly think environmental enforcement inspectors only work 9 to 5 days.’
    • ‘The resident also warned the dumpers that they have contacted the local litter warden and found one receipt in particular which could allow them to trace the origin of the rubbish.’
    • ‘‘We have arrested several people already, and we will be continuing in an attempt to stop dumpers,’ he said.’
    • ‘He said this had potential to attract illegal dumpers.’
    • ‘The minister has warned that dumpers and landowners face severe sanctions under the Waste Management Act 1996.’
    • ‘The city even hired eight new bylaw enforcement officers last October to scour our parks, looking for bandit dumpers.’
    • ‘Many illegal dumpers are now being forced to pay for cleaning up the mess they have made.’
    • ‘But this well-heeled handyman has become a dedicated dumper.’
    • ‘The WTO says that we are punishing the dumpers too severely by passing along those fines to the companies that are hurt in the first place.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is almost impossible to get dumpers fined, because the person must be caught in the act of dumping.’
    • ‘Who would actually send out a press release announcing to the world that you were the dumper and not the dumpee?’
    • ‘Police, the Environment Agency and district and county councils have vowed to adopt a ‘get tough’ attitude on the dumpers, dog foulers and litter droppers by signing a ‘statement of intent’.’
    • ‘But it is crass stupidity to throw away sheets of roofing materials containing deadly asbestos in an area where many motorists pass by and children play, as some of the Birkshall Lane dumpers have done.’
    • ‘Two enforcement officers have been appointed to lead a three-phase spring clean of ‘grot spots’ in the Mosses area, taking dumpers to court.’
    • ‘I will uphold the opinion that being the dumper is always worse.’
    • ‘For instance, I imagine that almost every one of the women nominating old flames is the dumper rather than the dumpee.’
    1. 1.1British A truck with a body that tilts or opens at the back for unloading.
      • ‘Workmen came to the rescue of Don and his wife, from Didsbury, when they arrived in a dumper truck to drag the car free.’
      • ‘An attempt to jump a dumper truck over two parked cars has been halted for health and safety reasons.’
      • ‘It is not a case where the vehicle is designed for use in a place other than a road, such as a dumper truck used for road construction work.’
      • ‘The former International Development Secretary invited upon herself a dumper truck of fury and scorn, which Ministers and Labour MPs have duly disgorged over her head.’
      • ‘During the latest break-in last Wednesday, 20,000 pounds' worth of plant, including a dumper truck and roller, were taken.’
      • ‘Youngsters are believed to have ‘hot-wired’ a dumper truck and drove it at a new classroom being built at Healey Primary School.’
      • ‘The road was too narrow to turn round in, so I made use of the entrance to a builder's yard, reversed around a dumper truck and started back towards whatever it was we'd just left.’
      • ‘By now we had reached the Poet's Stone, imported from a distant quarry on a dumper truck and now set on a small grassy mound by the stream, where he invites friends to sit and write a poem.’
      • ‘If only the time had been found to paint on the club colours, the guys in the dumper truck would have known to leave it alone, to go find a wall to demolish instead.’
      • ‘Scoop after scoop was scraped away, lifted, and tipped with an ear-splitting crash into a waiting dumper truck.’
      • ‘One is a rat catcher, one is a gardener and two others drive a dumper truck and a bulldozer.’
      • ‘The win confirms the company as a leading provider of revolutionary heavy-duty vehicles from dumper trucks to agricultural tractors.’
      • ‘Further to our telephone conversation regarding the above we are erecting this for the repairs of gravel pit machinery, in particular the dumper trucks, and also the maintenance of the concrete crushing machine.’
      • ‘The progressives are forever going on about not living in a museum and having to break eggs, while archaeologists gaze gloomily at the diggers and dumper trucks that preface the concrete omelette.’
      • ‘Nine dumper trucks carrying 35 tonnes of rock at a time plough backwards and forwards from the lip of the causeway, dumping smaller rocks and huge armouring against the tides.’
      • ‘These loans are used to purchase equipment such as dumpers, excavators, motor graders, compactors, pavers, cranes, dozers and several more depending on the requirements of the project.’
      • ‘The company's product range includes tools, construction plant, diggers, dumpers and rollers.’
      • ‘Take noise for example - for nearly three years residents adjoining a housing development had to endure a dumper with an ineffective exhaust being driven around the site like a stock car - no complaint was made.’
      • ‘The workers will be on site until Saturday, August 21, and in that time will use six-tonne diggers and dumpers as well as their bare hands to lay more than 1,500 tonnes of stone.’
      • ‘Set up by director Roy Nixon to deal with worldwide disaster zones, the company is heading out to the region equipped with a 26-tonne truck, trailer, 20 ft container and a digger and dumper in an effort to rebuild the area.’
      lorry, articulated lorry, heavy goods vehicle, juggernaut
    2. 1.2Australian, New Zealand A large wave that breaks and hurls the swimmer or surfer on to the beach.
      ‘They were spilling waves rather than dumpers; meaning conditions would be good for swimming.’
      ‘She's up there light and fast for maybe five seconds before she thinks about dumpers and drowning and then she's prone again, nose to the wax, eyes closed hard and clinging, clinging.’
  • 2North American A large metal container for rubbish.

    1. 2.1the dumperinformal Used in reference to a bad or unwanted state.
      ‘his career's in the dumper’
      • ‘And about the eighth joke, we both knew this whole thing was going in the dumper, right?’
      • ‘If nothing else, the renewed surge of equity markets around the globe as well as at home has put my bearish projections, which looked so sweet just three months ago, right in the dumper - temporarily at least.’
      • ‘As the Colorado agricultural economy went in the dumper, his business partner misled him in ways he won't discuss.’
      • ‘The program manager, unable to stand the hot breath of the bald eagle, has left the building, and morale is again in the dumper.’
      • ‘Any serious injuries, however, could send hopes for even the wild card in the dumper.’
      • ‘All I can say is, there goes western civilization right in the dumper.’
      • ‘If you bought it when it was in the dumper, you've had a great run.’
      • ‘He, in turn, was kind enough to not abuse that gift of joy by effectively throwing his game in the dumper for the balance of the week.’
      • ‘With the advertising biz in the dumper, the Media organ has gone from a weekly to a fortnightly schedule.’
      • ‘This franchise has been in the dumper for so long that I don't have the heart to bump them out just yet.’
      • ‘Have we slid so far into the dumper that a snowfall of not particularly desperate density causes a shutdown?’
      • ‘His editing job, however, is masterful, with dozens of full and partial conversations painting a dark societal picture bound to leave the most open of minds believing that western civilization really is careening down the dumper.’
      • ‘A friend of the singer said: ‘She was thrilled because a year ago she was being written off and people were saying her career was heading for the dumper.’’
      • ‘This odd little bunch of confusion was spat at the radio station, and really demonstrates that even when you've plunged down the dumper once, you don't recognise when it's happening again.’
      • ‘Back in 1993, the once ubiquitous band had long been consigned to the dumper, with two original band members gone and no Top Ten hits in the past four years.’
      • ‘By buying it, we would somehow be in on the joke - and not only that, but we would be granting a formerly washed-up pop star an escape route from the dumper.’
      • ‘But a number of recent happenings in my part of Bolton have brought home just how far into the dumper we have descended.’
      • ‘He recalled in all seriousness when the monologue once went down the dumper three nights straight he was ready to quit the business.’
      • ‘Hopefully, he will now finally be consigned to the international dumper.’
      • ‘Today, the question marks of celebrity are stinking up the primetime game show circuit, sending that genre into the dumper faster than department stores can send those monochromatic ties back to the warehouses.’