Definition of dumpily in English:



See dumpy

  • ‘A middle-aged plump woman plodded dumpily through from the adjoining room and peered through her string-held glasses, curiously but as positively as she could muster.’
  • ‘Chubby - okay, fat - fortyish, dumpily attired, pretty much all this guy is missing is one of those hats with a propeller on top of it and a lunchbox packed by mom.’
  • ‘Whether or not the trend of dressing up baby started in Hollywood, there's no denying the highly visible bambinos of celebrities pictured in magazines or on TV are never dumpily dressed.’
  • ‘I admit to being dumpily short, but why should I accept it?’
  • ‘I've seen more than a few people in my time (specifically women) who seem to equate dressing modestly with dressing, for lack of a better word, dumpily.’