Definition of dumpiness in English:



See dumpy

  • ‘The defects include a loss of mechanosensation, for which the gene was named; aberrant chemosensation; a slight dumpiness in the body; and a partially penetrant cold-sensitive embryonic lethality.’
  • ‘The present strategy is to use this Kantian account in order to ground a wider category of the aesthetic, which includes judgments of taste along with judgments of daintiness, dumpiness, delicacy, elegance, and the rest.’
  • ‘Perhaps most impressively, his dumpiness doesn't look out of place next to this actress, who plays his quietly enabling fiancée.’
  • ‘She entered the courtroom, her black robes swinging loosely from her shoulders, not concealing her dumpiness, her white hair cut in a simple bob.’
  • ‘I imagine her to be short and squat, but pretty feminine in a sickly flowery way despite her dumpiness.’