Definition of dumpster in English:



North American
  • A very large container for rubbish.

    • ‘Adam and I were discussing their door-slamming, right before I was about to take out a bag of rubbish to the dumpster.’
    • ‘Nowadays, those dumpsters contain something far more valuable: hard drives.’
    • ‘Wallace has found his images in dumpsters and recycling bins, or friends who knew he was actively collecting photographic discards had given them to him.’
    • ‘There are these dumpsters by the basketball court and the swing set.’
    • ‘Two men in the full regalia come stampeding through the obstacle course of dumpsters and cardboard box mansions.’
    • ‘She backed away and took a seat on a pile of old boxes next to the dumpster, crossing her knees and looking completely relaxed.’
    • ‘They finished it in a minute, and then threw it into the dumpster with the other bottle.’
    • ‘He lifted up a panel in the trunk, and dumped several unmarked boxes into a dumpster.’
    • ‘Fred threw a box of rubbish from the van in a dumpster when we stopped.’
    • ‘These controlled substances were found at such places as washracks, dumpsters, and building garbage containers.’
    • ‘According to the new rules the bin lid must be closed when the dumpster has been set out.’
    • ‘As if this crime-magnet isn't bad enough, the homeless have repurposed the collection boxes for their own uses - as dumpsters and semi-private urinals.’
    • ‘I hopped over a few cardboard boxes and leaped up onto a couple of dumpsters, walking on top of them and then jumping back down just for the fun of it.’
    • ‘Dad came out of the house with garbage and walked past, carrying the white bag a good twenty feet to heave it into the dumpster.’
    • ‘Kyle's bag was one he'd found in a dumpster, ran through the wash, and duck taped back together.’
    • ‘We also put out some boxes for you in a dumpster at the end of the street.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the bags of shredded papers had filled the dumpster to break her fall.’
    • ‘Eventually all life in the tank ceased and we threw it into a dumpster with immense relief.’
    • ‘When he's in that T-shirt, as well as a wig and lots of black leather, he likes to hide behind cars and dumpsters and then jump out right in front of unsuspecting pedestrians, preferably vulnerable females ones.’
    • ‘After the fiery speeches were over, many protesters marched to major intersections in the city to construct road blockades out of rocks, tires, dumpsters, and bonfires.’


1930s originally Dempster Dumpster, trade name (based on dump) given by the American manufacturers, Dempster Brothers of Knoxville, Tennessee.