Definition of dunce cap in English:

dunce cap

(British dunce's cap)

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  • A paper cone formerly put on the head of a dunce at school as a mark of disgrace.

    ‘During their show they ham it up, quizzing the audience about what they've been reading, threatening to send hecklers to the corner with a dunce cap, chucking books pell-mell into the audience, etc.’
    • ‘We don't have to look too far away and not too far back in the past to find a prime example of fire placing the symbolic dunce cap on our heads and sending us to a corner of the forest to stew about how silly we've been made to look.’
    • ‘Put on the dunce cap Greg and go stand in the corner.’
    • ‘The Democratic tent has shrunk to the size of a dunce cap.’
    • ‘But if her classroom is set up ‘for lecture with rows facing forward,’ she must don the dunce cap.’
    • ‘Perhaps they need a House chamber with 435 corners where they can each put on a dunce cap and stand in one.’
    • ‘If he didn't, I'd place a dunce cap on his head and lead him around on a leash.’
    • ‘The man in the back is twisting the arm of the kneeling man in the dunce cap with the sign around his neck, who we assume is a teacher or some other intellectual type.’
    • ‘Furthermore, anybody who really believes that ‘traditional’ subjects are worthy only of being taught ‘in passing’ should be given a dunce's cap and made to wear it.’
    • ‘Last Saturday, a Scottish tabloid published a mock-up picture of him wearing a dunce's cap.’
    • ‘Those people who think taxes can be cut and still expect services to remain should be wearing a dunce's cap.’
    • ‘In the other format, called ‘the cap,’ what appears to be the ground is a large area of black, with a smaller colored area, looking a bit like a dunce cap, on the left and an angled bar of color running along the bottom.’
    • ‘‘Everybody has underestimated how important the Internet is and how big an impact it's going to have, so I don't think they should be put in a corner with a dunce cap on,’ he says.’
    • ‘The stupid inclusion of ‘health maintenance’ services as an insurance-paid item is a fitting dunce cap for this misbegotten mess.’
    • ‘If the owners, girding for a labor war that could shut down the NHL for a season or more, are clinging to a salary cap as a necessity for long-term survival, then it is more like a dunce cap.’
    • ‘Informants also recalled being made to stand in a corner, sometimes facing the wall, sometimes facing the class, sometimes wearing a dunce cap.’
    • ‘I hated the ‘Corner of Creativity’, it made me feel like a child thrown into the corner with the dunce cap.’
    • ‘Put on your dunce cap and join me in the back of the class.’
    • ‘Be sure to put the word out that that anyone arriving without a costume has to parade around in their underwear all night wearing a dunce cap.’
    • ‘They did, however, place a headpiece on her head that resembled a dunce cap.’