Definition of dung beetle in English:

dung beetle


  • A beetle whose larvae feed on dung, especially a scarab. The larger kinds place the dung in a hole before the eggs are laid, and some of them roll it along in a ball.

    Superfamily Scarabaeoidea, in particular families Scarabaeidae and Geotrupidae

    • ‘Maya was intrigued and absolutely determined to see a dung beetle rolling a ball.’
    • ‘My favorite scene features a dung beetle trying to roll a bit of dinner up a hill; a more Sisyphean struggle I haven't seen.’
    • ‘The parrot, the mouse, the cockroach, and the dung beetle all have the same rights to life as human beings.’
    • ‘The dung beetle feeds on filth and produces the same filth from which she then breeds.’
    • ‘When a dung beetle finds a pile of fresh manure, it selects the choicest, least-fibrous bits and crafts them into a large ball that will supply its own dinner for days to come or serve as both shelter and food for its developing young.’
    • ‘Like the front end of a bulldozer, a dung beetle's head is flattened into a broad plate that can push soil up and out of the tunnel; lying safely beneath this protective shield are its delicate organs of taste and vision.’
    • ‘One of Africa's finest exports to Australia is the dung beetle which is doing sterling work in curbing, if not actually getting rid of, the sub-continent's pesky flies.’
    • ‘We live in a sad era that mistakes mean-spirited arrogance for intellectual daring, juvenile nastiness for independence of mind, the dung beetle for the artist.’
    • ‘At the risk of waking up one morning to find I've been reincarnated as a dung beetle for daring to criticize a saint and ethical genius, let alone an actual deity, let's explore this issue more.’
    • ‘This dung beetle was photographed in South Africa.’
    • ‘It's called a dung beetle and it lives in Africa.’
    • ‘He's as good-looking as a dung beetle now that I've seen his true ‘colors’.’
    • ‘The dung beetle is the first animal known to use the polarization patterns of the moon to navigate.’
    • ‘He could have filmed a documentary on the life and times of the African dung beetle, for all I cared, and I would have disliked him all the same.’
    • ‘If you were rotten, you might be a vole or an asp or a dung beetle.’
    • ‘If you're a male dung beetle and you want pry another male out of his tunnel, it helps to have a longer horn.’
    • ‘So some years ago Australia wondered what they could do to ease the fly scourge and hit on the idea of an African dung beetle.’
    • ‘Will it change into a dung beetle or into a beautiful butterfly?’
    • ‘My farm is home to many varieties of dung beetle - they eat horse and cow manure.’
    • ‘The presence of dung beetles or flesh flies in the inflorescence can most easily be explained by their attraction to the heat produced by the plant, not its odor.’