Definition of dung fly in English:

dung fly


  • A hairy fly that lays its eggs in fresh dung.

    Families Scathophagidae and Sphaeroceridae: several species

    • ‘Apart from the spark of daphnia the trout's menu further ignites in May to include insects like the cow dung fly, hawthorn fly, mayfly and the more prolific olive and sedge hatches.’
    • ‘Other flies found on the poultry establishment include soldier flies, small dung flies, fruit flies and rat-tailed maggots.’
    • ‘The yellow dung fly, Scathophaga stercoraria (L.; Diptera: Scathophagidae; sometimes Scatophaga), occurs in north-temperate regions of the Old and the New World.’
    • ‘Also, adult size strongly depends on juvenile nutrition in most organisms, including yellow dung flies, and this is why large size has been used as a trait indicating good condition in several sexual selection studies.’
    • ‘Experimental studies on giant waterbugs and dung flies have shown that costs of copulation alone can reduce male lifespan, which presumably constraints male mating success.’