Definition of Dungeness crab in English:

Dungeness crab


  • A large crab found off the west coast of North America, where it is popular as food.

    Cancer magister, family Cancridae

    • ‘These findings are backed up by our work on behavioral responses and feeding behavior of Dungeness crabs in low salinity.’
    • ‘The most thoroughly studied system is the ontogeny of hemocyanin structure and function in Cancer magister, the Dungeness crab.’
    • ‘The section contains details of law violations ranging from possession of undersized Dungeness crabs to driving under the influence.’
    • ‘Salmon, halibut, and Dungeness crabs still are caught by local boats, but many harbor towns are places in transition.’
    • ‘Elevated numbers of Dungeness crabs may also have contributed to the unusually large number of otters in Monterey Bay.’
    • ‘They proceed to describe what two members of the Oregon Fish Commission saw when watching two Dungeness crabs mate in an aquarium.’
    • ‘Each is a snapping gaggle of legs and claws from which Charlie carefully extracts a large number of Dungeness crabs.’
    • ‘The Dungeness crab hidden in its lotus-leaf sack is one of the most festive-looking dishes imaginable.’
    • ‘Below the surface, scuba divers haunt Sund Rock Marine Preserve and Octopus Hole, where the world's biggest octopuses share the water with fairy shrimp, shellfish, and Dungeness crab.’
    • ‘The canal offers a rich array of shellfish, including oysters, clams, mussels, and Dungeness crab, which can go from water to table in less than two hours.’
    • ‘Order a creamy mushroom soup and there's a beautifully tender seared scallop sitting at its centre like a bulls-eye on a target and even a modest Seafood cob salad is crammed with local Dungeness crab, giant prawns and squid.’
    • ‘I decided on another starter, Dungeness crab and shrimp cakes, for my entrée.’
    • ‘This has recently been demonstrated explicitly for both Dungeness crab and feral sheep populations using a combination of field data and mathematical models.’
    • ‘What they did encounter was plenty of Dungeness crab, so they created a new tradition with the crustacean: two-part cracked crab and pasta in a homemade tomato sauce redolent of garlic and basil.’
    • ‘Dishes include salt and pepper Dungeness crab and fried snapper with pineapple anchovy chutney but every cocktail you can think of is on the drink list and you can just prop up the bar with a Manhattan if you want to.’
    • ‘Cooking was straight-forward American-style and uniformly very good, better and more varied than expected, with memorable entrées such as Dungeness crab, grilled halibut, and prime ribs.’
    • ‘But in keeping with the fluctuations of the local wild salmon catch and the need to diversify, they offer this truly local pairing: wild salmon stuffed with Dungeness crab.’
    • ‘It's not made with oak, so there's no sweet, toasty flavor of wood to get in the way of a match with the likes of cold Dungeness crab or even a quesadilla with guacamole.’
    • ‘We have had cracked Dungeness crab, salad, and French bread ever since.’
    • ‘To a landlocked Kansan, getting her fill of Dungeness crab was the California quintessence.’


From Dungeness, the name of a fishing village on the coast of Washington State.


Dungeness crab