Definition of dunger in English:



informalNew Zealand
  • A worn-out vehicle or machine.

    ‘parents often give their teen the old dunger to drive’
    • ‘What am I going to do with the old dunger?’
    • ‘The old bomb the team policing unit gets around in was so clapped out and such a dunger, the front seat had snapped.’
    • ‘Any old dunger will do but, for hoofing it on the beach on the way up, a 4WD is a must.’
    • ‘We enjoyed the muddy fun of hooning around in a dunger on dirt roads in Australia.’
    • ‘That road bike is a bit of an old dunger -- time to upgrade.’
    • ‘He tried to run me into the road on that old dunger of his.’
    • ‘It had to look like an old dunger of a boat.’
    • ‘This was not like the clunky old dunger without a working heater that l had to battle with on a previous occasion in the dead of winter.’
    • ‘We bought a dunger of a car from him, a real rent-a-bomb.’
    • ‘He had his own car, a dunger Datsun.’


1980s imitative of the sound of an old or damaged engine.