Definition of dungworm in English:



  • An earthworm found in dung or compost, used by anglers as bait.

    • ‘The best bait, in early spring, is the red dungworm, but in June and July the fly is probably the most killing.’
    • ‘Other baits such as a bunch of flying ants, a dungworm turned inside out, thin strips of meat, short pieces of worms, chicken livers and entrails have all been used to catch catfish.’
    • ‘Every time we went to visit, the first thing we did was say hello, then we looked in the freezer for the container of dungworms so we could take it out to thaw for dinner!’
    • ‘In addition the Mielie Float can be used together with other baits such as worms, crickets, dungworms or flying ants, for example.’
    • ‘Martin was using sweetcorn as bait and I was trying small dungworms (brandlings).’