Definition of dunite in English:



mass nounGeology
  • A green to brownish coarse-grained igneous rock consisting largely of olivine.

    • ‘The lowermost rocks are serpentinized dunite and harzburgite, which are best exposed in the NE of the ophiolite.’
    • ‘Its lower part displays alternating bands of peridotite, pyroxenite, and dunite, but dunite is dominant throughout most (and especially the upper part) of the unit.’
    • ‘In the field, the boundary between crustal units and mantle units is marked by a zone of sheared serpentinite, which overlies more massive largely serpentinized, harzburgite and dunite.’
    • ‘Stratigraphically from bottom to top it is composed of sheared serpentinite on the basal thrust, layered harzburgitedunite, layered dunite with chromitite, and harzburgite with finegrained gabbro.’
    • ‘It comprises massive websterites and clinopyroxenites, usually interlayered with relatively subordinate dunite.’


Mid 19th century from the name of Dun Mountain, New Zealand, + -ite.