Definition of Dunkard in English:



another term for Dunker
  • ‘In various parts of the United States, members of Anabaptist religious communities, Hutterites, Amish, Dunkards, Apostolic Christian, and Old Order Mennonites believe in the simple life and reject some or most of the modern world.’
  • ‘There's an old story about a plain-dressed Dunkard who was accosted by a young evangelist with the question, ‘Brother, are you saved?’’
  • ‘There are other traditions in our history - those of Martin Luther King and Eugene Debs and Henry David Thoreau, of the Quakers and the Dunkards and the Pennsylvania Dutch, of people who came to this country to escape wars, not fight them.’
  • ‘The story he refers to is of a community of ‘Dunkards,’ radical pacifists, who, when attacked by a band of Indians, rather than fight back, called on God's blessings.’