Main definitions of dunker in English

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See dunk

  • ‘Oh, and for a certain someone who asked; dips and dunkers refers to those blogs that I try to read from time to time, so I ‘dip’ and ‘dunk’ into them like I would a biscuit into tea.’
  • ‘With all the attention paid to aircraft carriers in the paint and rocket-launch slam dunkers, you might be tempted to think that the NBA has become a game for bangers and leapers only.’
  • ‘More frugal players might decide to invest their money into augmenting the stats of players on their team to make them better three point shooters or dunkers.’
  • ‘Even the best dunkers in the world will blow that one with regularity.’
  • ‘And that's what I am, I'm an in-the-game dunker.’

Main definitions of Dunker in English

: dunker1Dunker2



  • A member of the German Baptist Brethren, a sect of Baptist Christians founded in 1708 but living in the US since the 1720s.

    • ‘Moravians, Mennonites, Amish, Schwenkfelders, Dunkers, and other German groups, including Rosicrucians, would flourish there.’
    • ‘Traditional people like the Mennonites, Amish, Dunkers and Hutterites maintain a large number of these heritage crops.’
    • ‘If it comes to it, the Dunkers will keep the investments in the U.S. and send regular checks to the Quintela kids in Bolivia.’


Early 18th century from Pennsylvanian German, from dunke (see dunk).