Definition of dunnage bag in English:

dunnage bag


  • A kitbag.

    • ‘Don made the switch, repacked his dunnage bag, and weighed it again.’
    • ‘Proper application of dunnage bags and voidfillers can greatly reduce the instances of freight damage.’
    • ‘This configuration protects the inflation valve and contributes to the integrity of the dunnage bag.’
    • ‘The dunnage bag now acts as a secure brace and the goods are protected during transport.’
    • ‘Re-usable dunnage bags are fitted with a screw-on quick-fill valve and can be used several times to reduce costs.’
    • ‘Clothing should never be carried loose in a pack box, but packed in a waterproof dunnage bag to protect it from dust and rain.’
    • ‘Use our expansive on-line directory to source air dunnage bags and other products and services from thousands of suppliers.’
    • ‘Tough, dependable, and easy to inflate, these dunnage bags are quite simply the most cost effective and convenient way to protect your cargo.’
    • ‘Although we will show you how to close the dunnage bag so that it stays watertight even if temporarily submerged, packing your sleeping bag in a garbage bag provides extra protection.’
    • ‘The core of the dunnage bag, the bladder for containing the compressed air, is made from multi-layered LDPE.’
    • ‘Secure A Load paper dunnage bags are manufactured with high strength Polyethylene Liner and multiple layers of extensible kraft paper’
    • ‘A wide range of paper dunnage bags are also available.’