Definition of dunnart in English:



  • A mouse-like insectivorous marsupial with a pointed snout and prominent eyes, found in Australia and New Guinea.

    Genus Sminthopsis, family Dasyuridae: many species, including the common dunnart (S. murina)

    • ‘We could go out at night with a spotlight and cast it around and see little gleaming eyes shines all over from Mulgaras and hopping mice and dunnarts and so on.’
    • ‘We then looked at a second species, a little shrew like creature called the dunnart and this has a very different life style.’
    • ‘These include bush tomato, parakeelya and parrot pea or bird flowers, as well as the dunnart, mala, honeyant, piedish beetle and case moths.’


1920s from Nyungar danart.