Definition of dunny can in English:

dunny can


  • A removable receptacle in an outside toilet.

    ‘each man had to be responsible for emptying his own dunny can’
    • ‘Is it okay to take hot beverages into the dunny can?’
    • ‘Is dunny can an acceptable term for toilet?’
    • ‘He could be heard whistling and stumbling down our driveway with a couple of dunny cans hoisted high on his shoulders.’
    • ‘I squished myself tightly into the tiny triangular space between the left and rear walls and the smelly black dunny can.’
    • ‘Every few days, the dunny can would be emptied into the same ditch the kitchen scraps.’
    • ‘Each man had to be responsible for emptying his own dunny can.’
    • ‘The lid had left the dunny can, and he'd dropped the flaming load.’
    • ‘We were very careful on dunny can day to run to the gate and look down the road to ensure that the cart was nowhere in sight before answering nature's call.’
    • ‘She would help me carry what we called the dunny can.’
    • ‘They were single door roofed structures with a wooden seat and its hinged cover placed above the drop zone - the space into which fitted the dunny can.’